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Новые L2 сервера x1


LOE.MS x1 Essence 12.07.24

Next month and beyond

LOE.MS x1 Essence 12.07.24

Открытые сервера Л2 х1

On last week

L2CHILL.FUN x1 High Five 14.06.24

A week ago and earlier

L2MAD.NET x1 Interlude 31.05.24 L2MAD.NET x1 Interlude 24.05.24 MW-MULTI.COM x1 High Five 03.05.24 STAGEOFGLORY.FUN x1 Essence 03.05.24 STAGEOFGLORY.FUN x1 Essence 26.04.24 L2TRUE.CLUB x1 Final 01.04.24 LINEAGE2.MS x1 Interlude 29.03.24 LINEAGE2.MS x1 Interlude 22.03.24 SCRYDE.NET x1 High Five 04.03.24 L2BEST.ORG [Мульта] x1 Interlude 02.02.24 SCRYDE.NET x1 High Five 04.01.24 SCRYDE.NET x1 High Five 25.12.23 R33TGAME.COM x1 Essence 22.12.23 L2BEST.ORG [Мульта] x1 Interlude 22.12.23 MW-ESSENCE.COM x1 Essence 15.12.23 R33TGAME.COM x1 Essence 04.12.23 L2TANOS.RU x1 Interlude 02.12.23 MW2.GLOBAL x1 Interlude 20.11.23 MW-ESSENCE.COM x1 Essence 17.11.23 GAMEСOAST.ORG x1 Essence 06.10.23 GAMEСOAST.ORG x1 Essence 25.09.23 MW-ESSENCE.COM x1 Essence 22.09.23 KETRAWARS.NET x1 Interlude 06.09.23 STAGEOFGLORY.FUN x1 Essence 18.08.23 STAGEOFGLORY.FUN x1 Essence 11.08.23 L2CHILL.FUN x1 High Five 04.08.23